I’ve been blogging for a few years now.  At first I was on Yahoo 360, then mysapce, then blogger, flickr, blogger again (but another domain-the same namesake as this one), now I’m on WordPress.

Hopefully I can get some more traffic here than that on blogger.  Only a few folks there can get alot of traffic.  I could use that for my eBay page.  My blog consists of selling things on eBay, my random thoughts on certain things in life, short stories, poetry, as well as my art and photography.

I go the the coffee shop in the suburban Detroit area and I have my laptop with me and do whatever with it.  I just like that vibe of being in a nonsmoking atmosphere where I can just relax-even if it’s only for a minute or so.

I try to work out as often as I can, as well as watch what I eat and drink.  Right now I’m looking for a second job so I can maintain my new car and save up.  I’m really considering saving up some money so I can just take a nice long drive in my new Malibu and drive outta state someplace-hopefully so I can start a new life and get outta Detroit, Michigan.  I’m 34, single, and seriously considering settling down with that woman of my dreams.  I did meet somebody by way of a relative on facebook, but we have yet to meet in person.  I don’t wanna speak to soon, but even if this doesn’t work, at least I’m in a position to be involved in a relationship with a woman.

I long for the day when my profile on flickr will read:  [I am] Male and Taken.

I got rid of my ’95 Pontiac Grand Am today that I’ve had for many years.  I miss it already.  I gave it to a young man who used to attend my congregation now he serves on his side of town.  He’s a student mechanic, and his funds are tight, so I let him have it.  I really wanted to either sell it, or restore it.  But listening to the better judgment of friends and family, I concluded that it would be better if I bought another Grand Am of the same year in better shape, and go from there.

Once I get some extra money going, that might just be possible!  My biggest regret of getting rid of that car is that I never got to flip it a second time, I was just 8,000 miles short of that goal.  I was hoping to keep that car until spring so it would’ve done that.  I hope this kid will make good-if not better-use of that car!  I think he will.