I was contacted by the Metro Times for this picture.  I’ve been told that I couldn’t be compensated for the picture, but seeing that it’s a local paper that’s freely published every week, I figured why not.  I’d be willing to support my local community-even if it’s at my own expense.

But back to the big metal tube.  It’s a walkway that connects Cobo Hall to Joe Louis Arena.  Up until earlier this year, the last time that I was on this thing was sometime in the 80s.  It was during the Auto Show where I took this picture.  Due to the heavy foot traffic there at the moment, I had to wait for it to clear (which took the better part of 30 minutes or more).  So I took a few shots of the tube and fell in love with it after decades of not walking through it.

IDK about now, but it’s very accessible-it was the last time I was on it, anyway.