You’ve seen her on In Living Color, and Living Single-both of which where smash hit sitcoms in the early 90s and sistagirl’s career has skyrocketed since then.  I was on a list to have dinner at the Detroit Seafood Market Saturday and I had the pleasure of meeting actress and comedienne Kim Coles. I grew up watching her and I have been a longtime fan of hers. I still remain one today.

It was a real honor and privilege to be in company with her that night. I wasn’t too pleased with how my DSLR pics turned out, so I used my smartphone to take some pix of her as well as one with a friend of hers, Erica Watson, also a comedienne. Both ladies appreciated the pix and they wanted me to tweet those pics ASAP. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was able to do that from my HTC EVO Smartphone. After a few tries, I got ’em in both on Facebook and on my Twitter page as well. So hopefully Kim and her friend Erica will see it down the road. Kim said my posting those pics on Twitter could mean future exposure. It could happen. Kim and another associate of hers both asked me that I never would’ve imagined that I’ve come this far as a (novice) photographer.

I must confess, I’ve dreamed of moments like these for years, but I never would’ve thought it would come to pass-esp. like this. I was like a kid in a candy store when I got some shots of Kim Coles. She encouraged me to continue to do what I’m doing. Thanks Kim.

After that night, I do believe that great things will happen from here on out. Enclosed some last pics of Kim as well as a picture of her and Erica. Again, my humble thanks.