I had a good time at the Detroit Seafood Market this past weekend, and I was so geeked about posting those pics that I took of Kim Coles, I just had to post the pics of the three-course meal of these delicious dishes, so her goes!

Now this appetizer here was delicious. Bacon wrapped shrimp on a skewer with a wild curry-ish sauce with some vegetable concoction underneath. Dee-lish. A bit spicy, but TASTY! I’d eat this again without hesitation!

Now this baby here took me almost an hour to eat. Seafood Fettucini Alfredo with nearly everything underwater on it. Clams, mussels, salmon, shrimp, swordfish, and a few other crustaceans mixed in. Had a blast with this one. There were two other women next to me who had a similar dish, and all three of us loved it. Funny, though. I once dated a woman who abhors seafood, and this would make her gag, which in turn would make me LMAO, for real!

Now the coup de gras-dessert! A Devil’s Food chocolate cake a la mode with sliced strawberry. Delicious. A little bitter, but delicious. But I’d rather it be bitter than rich any day.
I enjoyed myself there at the Seafood Cafe, I may have missed the fashion show earlier that night at the Detroit Historical Museum, but I got something better in return. A 3 course meal, and meeting the incomparable Kim Coles.

I’d defintiely do it again! Had a balst.