Some things go as planned, some don’t. Not to complain about the matter, but I was asking my shootin’ partner, Mary if she would willing to accompany me to go shooting at Wayne State University. One particular shot I really wanted to get was the one where Second Ave cuts off at Warren Avenue but you can still see the Fisher Bldg in the New Center Area which many moons ago was consistent of Downtown, but not no more (but that’s a horse of another color). Thankfully she was game for it, and we shot as many shots of the Fisher as we could. But the wind was not on our side that particular night. But as you can see in the picture below, thanks to using a tripod, our persistence had paid off. Too bad neither Mary or myself could say likewise about the weather.

Right after our little session at Wayne, we walked around-weather permitting-seeing old sights of the University. To make a long story short, the weather had gotten somewhat unbearable for the both of us (and it has yet to snow, so I’m saving my bitching for when that happens) so we went to Starbucks on Woodward, got some fancy coffee, shot the breeze and drove around again-in separate cars. I informed her that I wanted to get a shot of the glass arches that are connected between the Comerica Tower downtown. We tried in vain to find a spot to park, but to no avail, and then it hit us both! Saturday is club night downtown after a certain hour. Now for someone who used to work at a nightclub, how in the world could I forget a thing like that?!? That explains not being able to park on the street. It was late as it is, that should’ve been the red flag right there other than it being a Saturday night!

So the next night, I went at it alone downtown and I was able to get the shot of those arches that I wanted. And then some. I believe that the last pic that I took of it was better than the ones I started with. Originally I wanted to shoot the arches from another street, but seeing that there was a construction site obstructing the pretty view of things I did the opposite and shot from the side that I approached it from. I consider this one a masterpiece. I hope you enjoy it.