Growing up in the 80s I became well known with Apple even when they briefly fell off the radar in the early 90s with the insurgence of Microsoft. And Apple regrouped with the iPod (yours truly is a proud owner of one), and Apple’s been boomin’ ever since. Due to a lack of time, I won’t go into detail about Apple a whole lot, but I will submit that I’ve know Apple longer than I’ve known its contemporary rival, Microsoft. And me being a photographer and designer (as you can see in the pic above), Apple is the way to go. So if it’s God’s will, my next computer will be from Apple. More on that later…

Anyway, this man of brilliance and intelligence was the epitome of the expression “Think outside the box”. And he did just that. Some folks thought that he was-like John Lennon and Lionel Ritchie-a foolish dreamer. And if there’s any truth in that-and there remains such even though he’s departed-it paid off in more way than Steve Jobs himself could keep count. Within the last decade of his life, he delivered a graduation speech at Stamford University. And one of his last words were “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. It took me a while to get the sense of those words, but when I did, my eyes were open. I wish I could’ve met this cat, he was very talented. And with Apple stores nearby, I can see the convenience in their products unlike Microsoft where I have to deal with someone in the Third World who can barely speak a lick of English.

Again-God willing-my next computer is gonna be Apple!