Part 2 of this blog series. Me and Mary spent the better part of six hours downtown on our safari this past weekend, and we footed further up downtown and we took some pics of the historical as well as modern buildings in the Neckalce District. I shot a picture of Ford Field-the picture above-home of the Detroit Lions. And I told Mary that I wanted to try something different seeing that I had my tripod with me, I detached the lens off of my uncle’s old Nikon EM, and use of on my current SLR, my Nikon D3000. At first, I thought I couldn’t use that lens on my camera because even though the lens fit both cameras, my D3000 is digital, whereas the 30 year old lens is manual and operated on a manual SLR. But I found out down the road that I can use it! But as always, there’s a trade off. In order to use this lens, a Sigma Zoom F2.8-4, I had to set my DSLR on Manual. Now keep in mind, I’ve already embraced having to shoot RAW (which eats up a lot of memory) but I literally SUCK at using Manual, I avoid it like an incurable disease, I suck that bad at it! But during that hour, I used the Sigma Lens and set the cam on “M” and went to work. The first few shots sucked (as I feared they would), but after a few minutes of trial and error, I wound getting several shots that actually turned out better than they would have using the lens for my DSLR! Another trade off was because I had my camera on Manual, and I mounted a 30 year old glass on it, I couldn’t use my strobe, or my pop-up flash. But it was all good. During our trek downtown, I found myself doing something that I should’ve been doing all these years. Depending on where I was at, I’d always adjust my exposure comp just to get a real good quality image. Despite having to do constantly (which I found out is the norm now), I saw a BIG difference between the pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks compared to the ones I’ve been taking for the past few years. I’m still in shock over that.

Part III’s on its way!