In recent years, one of my former supervisors (who’s now retired) had recommended that I try some single malt scotch whiskey, and I finally mustered up the gumption to try it knowing that it was gonna put a dent in my wallet, but at the same time not knowing how good it was gonna be. Now I have had scotch in years past, and I didn’t like it at first (I was in my 20s at the time), and I guess down the road I’d acquire a taste for it now (I’m a few years shy of 40), and I did not know that all scotch whiskys were malted, but the real good ones-the expensive ones, that is-are literally worth every penny. So I went to a suburban liquor store and asked which single malts were the best ones. And they recommended The Glenlivet for beginners. And I must say, that for a $20.00 pint (that’s too much for a pint in my opinion), I loved it. One of the owners even told me how to properly drink single malt: take a swig of it and let it sit under your tongue for a few seconds and gradually let it trickle down your throat. It burnt at first, but it was FRIGGIN’ DELICIOUS!

I will also confess that it took me an hour just to have one shot of The Glenlivet. The last time I spent one hour with ONE glass of an alcoholic beverage was during Passover earlier this year with some Mogen David Pomegranate Wine. Like Glenlivet, it was strong, and kicked like a mule, only MD was dirt cheap!

One shot of this, and I haven’t been lit up yet (I won’t speak too soon on it, tho)!