Seeing that we are now in the Autumn season, and the year’s end is rapidly approaching-so fast that Christmas is being advertised before Thanksgiving. I was hoping to go for a train ride at the Michigan Transit Museum in my (former) hometown, Mt. Clemens, MI. Nearly ten miles north of Detroit, in case anyone’s curious.

To make a long story short, this is the second year in a row that I missed a train ride throughout the historical parts of “The Clem”. Last year was because the engines had their scheduled maintenance, and the train ride was cut short because Selfridge Air Base had cut off the train ride’s access that contoured, or rode through certain parts of the base-both of which are understandable-esp. the latter seeing that National Security has been a very sensitive issue since 9-11. So I was informed because of the weather and seasons changing, I missed the very last train ride, which was one week, ONE DANG WEEK prior to my being there that Sunday (this was about two weeks ago). So despite my dejection two years in a row (I’m slightly down about it, but I won’t take it that serious), I remain optimistic that as long as the Museum’s open, I’ll have other opportunities if the will of God wishes it. Hopefully down the road I’ll blog more about this historic station. But for now, to make up for the loss of the last ride, the conductor/manager of the Museum informed us of a train that was coming, so I took some pics of the train coming.

Shockingly I wasn’t the only one bummed about missing the last train, a young interracial couple (who are photographers like me, I might add) were also hoping to hop the train as well. Rumor has it that between Thanksgiving and Christmas there might be another ride just for the Holidays. If that’s true, I’m going for it! ‘Nuff Said! Check out my new folder on Facebook.