Dept. of Street Railways

Man, the stories I could tell about the history of our public transportation. Sadly it’s not doing to well right now. And I mean no disrespect, but our mayor isn’t making things any easier nor is our City Council. But one of our former mayors is the reason why Detroit is in the (crap)hole that it’s in today.

Within this past decade, there has been speculation as to whether or not we will once again get it (we haven’t had any since the late 1950s). We recently got the green light to have it after decades of being without any.

I was shocked to come across this manhole cover that had the DSR stamps on it. Though I’m not into politics, I am in favor of having a light rail transit line and eventually another one on other major thoroughfares in Detroit.

Google Search: Detroit Transit History

Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT)

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