An old-skool SLR given to me from a childhood friend/schoolmate/facebook friend who received this from a neighbor of his who had this vintage SLR for decades has now found its way home to me. I immediately put some film in it and started shootin’! I was disappointed because I only got a few shots out of this camera. For some odd reason the camera, seeing that it hasn’t been used in many years, has eaten up the film (not literally), but it’s been jammed into the mechanisms leaving me only a few shots. But I won’t bitch about it too much, I mean it was free! So what I may do is have this bad boy looked at and hopefully it’ll be working like brand new as it used to do many moons ago. But at least I got a few shots out of this camera, unlike my uncle’s 30 y.o. Nikon EM, which NOTHING will come out of it! I may get both SLRs looked at.

Now, the flipside of that coin…

I hope to own another DSLR within the next year. Stay tuned for that one!