Seeing that I obtain a Photoshop program as well as a Photoshop account online, what better way to learn how to use the online product in order to eventually use the one that I installed on my laptop earlier this year? To top it off, I’ve had the online account longer, so I’m more familiar with it than the complementary program that was given to me from an online friend (which I’m still learning how to use, so hopefully it wasn’t in vain that she’s given this CD-ROM.

But all nonsense aside, here are two images that were photoshopped online. Both were edited on Picnik and afterward I reconnected with Photoshop and took things further.

I plan to purchase an Upgrade account so I can do more stuff with Photoshop like I do with Picnik. Other programs I use on occasion i.e. Picture-It (though the version I have is not compatible with Windows 7), Picasa, Gimp. I’ll be photo-shoppin’ more often after seeing what all I can do with it.