What a weekend I had! Words alone could not explain it other than our quarterly gatherings at Allen Park High School came with several twists (as well as props). Let’s just say that I got more than I had bargained for to say the least, but I will say that I could get used to doing fashion photography-I hope to do it more often. But I’ll say this, due to both the quality of most of my images, I’ll only post a few.

Later on that afternoon, one of the photographer invited us to his pad in Westland, MI to work on portrait shots with one of the fellow photogs from PhotoWalk: Michigan giving me tips on how to shoot manual. I think I mentioned last year in a previous blog that I try to avoid shooting in “Manual” primarily because I just flat-out SUCK at it. But Kristyn insisted almost to the point of demanding that I shoot manual. Despite my reservations-which I still have-I did it anyway. And thanks to her coaching, I learned something entirely new on the issue of shooting in “M”. Depending on the lighting of the subject you adjust your F-Stops and your aperture as you go. Kinda like shooting at night if you’re in “P”, or “A”, you have to continually adjust your exposure, if not your apertures as well-again, depending on the subject(s) being shot.

Now this image is of a model named Brandy Butler-a contact on flickr-and I have taken dozens of shots of her but this one stood out to me the most. And one of the conductors of the workshop, Brian Day had mentioned something about converting color to black and white. He said that it was better to edit and work on tones while the image was in color before changing to to B/W. Now I’ve done that before, but most times, I’d convert the picture, then do the editing process. Trust me, the former method makes more sense than the latter ever will! I can see the difference in that now…

This multi-talented artist named Kristyn Greenfield (whom I’ve linked above) pushed me to new avenues of photography. Despite my continual growing skill(s), I still have a lot to learn. She insisted that I get as close as possible when it comes to doing portraits. Her being a good example, again, it was an honor to learn from her. One thing I learned the most is discipline (something that the world lacks nowadays, I ain’t gonna lie, I’m just as guilty). And if you lack discipline in something that you love very much, then you best try something else. Kristyn kept telling me to keep on shooting until I got it right. Despite the lack of space in the studio, it was worth it!

Now, the coup de gras. Full body portraits. I gotta say thanks to Kristyn for her patience and coaching in this game. I’ve taken about a dozen or more shots of her posing by the muslin backdrop, but for some odd reason this one topped it off. One thing that I have learned about this business: you will make money, and spend money as well. So some studio equipment is on the mind right now! And since my studio is somewhat a mobile one, I have to invest in some items that I can bring with me in case I do more portraits-esp. in a public place.

I also plan to have my LLC later on this year as well.

I shoulda got the thing years ago. But at the time I had no idea I’d get this far in photography!