“If, now, that right eye of yours is making you stumble, tear it out and throw it away from you.” -Matthew 5:29

I’ve enjoyed this website for about a year’s time, but me and Tumblr have gotta part ways. Permanently, forever, for GOOD!

Reasons being: First of all, I love Tumblr, but I feel that it really isn’t for me anymore. I appreciate the feedback that I’ve gotten since I’ve been on it, at the same time, I have re-blogged and been re-blogged on Tumblr, but half the time I’ve been re-blogged the persons (re)blogging my stuff has God-knows-what on their blog, and I’m tired of hitting that block button. And I do not want my craft(s) affiliated with anything that borders on raunchiness or worse (I know my limitations, and I’m beginning to pay more attention to them as I get older).

And personally, I have a huge issue with these talentless nutjobs (yeah, I said it) who post/repost other photographers/artists/designers hard work as if they actually did the work themselves (that really pisses me off to no end). And I really didn’t mind the reposting, and haave done so in the past, but I always had the common courtesy to acknowledge that the artwork is not mine. But Tumblr had also gotten boring as well and it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I enjoyed it, but it’s not for me! Not anymore.

So as of today, any blogs of my own originality that are on Tumblr, are gonna be reposted here!

Good-bye forever, Tumblr. Nice knowin’ ya!