I have recently thought about the secret talents that I have-one of them has turned some heads here on the good ol’ www.

To those who may or may not know, I am a photographer. I don’t consider myself a pro, per se, despite being published, doing some fashion shows, a wedding reception, a maternity, a suburban cruise, and the recent auto show.

But my talents are not limited to such, thankfully. I design my own banners that can be used for t-shirts, clothes, bumper stickers, etc., I write poetry (you can expect some of that to come real soon, God willing), as well as short stories, so not everything here will be limited to my photography. I used to draw, but I will get back into the swing of that if the will of God allows it. I am also considering doing vlogs on my YouTube channel. I’ll be linking some of my online accounts ASAP.

Note: Originally posted on Tumblr 28/12/2010