It’s official. Canon‘s gonna be my camera of choice! Tho I currently shoot with a Nikon D3000. Two years I had this bad boy, and I have outgrown it big time. Originally, I wanted a Canon, but the Nikon was cheaper than Canon, and had good reviews that turned out to be crappy years later. But I currently use a Canon PowerShot A590 IS as well as my D3000, and after years of having both cameras, I still favor Canon. They’re simpler, easier, and their pics turn out very beautiful. Both brands are good, it’s like comparing Fender to Gibson. They’re all good, but there’s one or more things that make one stands out above the other. Likewise with Canon. When I first began getting into photography (consistently) five years ago, it was the majority rule was Nikon, and Canon was the underdog (in my opinion). And now I wish I had bought the Canon Rebel XS 1000D seeing that it did more stuff.

And it seems that I am not the only photog who’s considering this conversion, apparently someone else is doing likewise. And me being a husky fellow, I have big hands, and the new Nikons make my hands cramp, and that’s not good for me-esp. during the winter months, but the Canon 7D fits my hand like a glove, and I love it!

My fellow Nikonians are calling me a “sellout”. I see it comin’ already.

You know who you are!

Now. I’m at a crossroads here. I have passed my entry-level test for my Boiler Operator’s class coming up in March. And with Tax Season around the corner, I was hoping to use my returns to buy my new camera that I’m still drooling over, but I think this One-Year program is worth way more than the camera will be.

In other words, once I get my B.O. license, and get situated (I’m gunnin’ for either The Big Three or any available College/University. And I can get my camera anytime cause I’ll be making way more than this dead-end job as a janitor ever will.

No rocket science needed to make a choice as far as my tax returns.