This year’s Auto Show was a blast with the exception that it really didn’t do it for me. I only went for some quick shots that I can take and post online. That having been said, I’ll just dive into the coup de gras of the North American Int’l Auto Show, the models!

This lady named Angela, was so gracious and patient with me and my camera, I will be forever grateful for her letting me take a few shots of her at the Lincoln display at the Auto show. Hopefully, she’ll see these pics of her online. Tho she’s no model, she has the grace of one, not mention a very voluptuous glow (as you can see).

This lady here named Samantha had advertised the new Fiat 500s at the NAIAS, and we talked for a hot minute, and she gave me one of her business cards. Come to find out that she resided not too far from where I used to live in the greater Macomb County area. A model as well as product specialist for Fiat, she allowed me to take a few shots-one of them I posted in a group in Facebook that I belong to. Hopefully she’ll see it. My thanks to her! Esp. to a local model.

I’m not mistaken, but I think I’ve met this model some years before. Her name’s Priscilla, a native of the Dominican Republic. Tall, svelte, chocolate beauty. I mentioned that I wanted to take a few headshots of her, and she insisted that I take some up close, and some just a few feet away. I have learned a few things about photography from some of the ladies who allowed me to take pictures of them earlier this month. My humble thanks to them. More to come about the models (whose names I can still remember).

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