A lot of history behind this city of over 310 years. Originally the Capital of Michigan from 1805 to 1847 (would be nice if Detroit was the still the capital today-esp. sharing an international border with Windsor, ON, CA). The first freeway, American automobile, shopping mall (according to history) to name a few. JFK nominated Detroit to host the 1968 Olypmics. Sadly in 1967 (before my time, apparently) one year before that could have happened, a riot had broken out spreading through Detroit like gangrene. 45 years since that happened and little or no recovery has really helped our city. Other U.S. cities rebounded quickly, Chicago, L.A., Boston, Philly, Cleveland, to name a few.

Now in my early years, Detroit was still in the top ten cities to live in even during the “White Flight” (slightly before, during, and after my time), and around ’91, Detroit had fallen off the radar. The only major improvement Detroit had since the riots was when Coleman Young had become the first African-American mayor and ran it with an Iron Fist for 20 years. Tho I’m no political person, he was the best out of all the black mayors we’ve had over the past 40 years.

Just one man’s opinion on that one.

I love my city, and I plan to leave and not come back until things improve (which I seriously doubt will happen). Now this past decade we have witnessed condemned buildings restored, new sports arenas, a new skating rink downtown, HOV lanes on one of our busiest thoroughfares, mass transit coming back (still debatable to some), businesses slowly coming back to downtown, but the blight and impoverished areas throughout the city is just a total eyesore.

But it amazes me that whenever I travel to other states, I tell folks that I’m from Detroit is the amount of respect that I get from total strangers. Esp. seeing the bad rep Detroit continues to have to this day. Will Detroit be restored to the dignified metropolis that it once was decades ago?

Time will tell…