Well, it’s official! After 17 pain in the butt hellacious years of backbreaking, bending over backwards being a janitor for the Detroit Public Schools system, I’ve said “Enough is Enough!”. I got tired of waiting for the “Next big thing” when I didn’t have the confidence, or to be blunt about it, the good sense to understand that the next big thing starts with me! I went from saying “What’s next?” to “What now?”. I was hoping to use my tax return to buy a new DSLR this year, but this career change is way more important. I will be going to school for my High Pressure Boiler Operator’s license. Next to being an engineer, you can pretty much go anywhere once you get your B.O.’s license. Now with classes starting in a little over a month’s time, this means that for the next year, my time will be limited. In other words, my activites on flickr, facebook, twitter, and even here on WordPress are gonna be scarce once I get the ball rolling. So I’m trying to post as many pictures online as I possibly can between now and March 5. I was hoping to have had my W2 from my current job so I can file both of them at the same time, but I’ll just have to do ’em one at a time, I guess. Either way, all of it is going towards my schooling anyway.

Second, I don’t believe in luck-good or bad-but I do agree with the cliche “luck favors the prepared”. For the past few weeks, I’ve been spending anywhere between a few minutes before my shift started, or the slightly after learning a few things about boilers. Most of it was beyond my comprehension, but I am confident that some of the info that I retained will resurface in class in the coming months ahead. That, and I’ve been watching videos on YouTube as well for reference. I have also found out that one of my friends on flickr as well as facebook is also a licensed engineer (tho he’s a Phys. Ed. teacher), so more references for me!

I will conclude with this note: I enjoyed this nearly two-decade journey being a janitor/custodian/sanitation engineer or whatever BS crap title they come up with these days. But, after all these years, everything has gone up but my paycheck. To me, that is unacceptable. But on a positive note, I’ve traveled, owned a home, bought cars, had A-1 credit (does that even exist anymore?), went to school, met new people, worked at some really nice schools with the Board of Ed., sadly most of them are in shambles now, even on one occasion, doubled my income by working doubles for a whole semester (I was younger and had more energy back then-but I missed that money I was making, tho), ate at fine restaurants, met some beautiful women (some of them I’m very good friends with to this day), so many things I’ve done, the stories that I could tell…

…but time doesn’t permit, it might one day!