I love my city. Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.. Shares an international border with the Dominion of Canada. Former Capital of Michigan (as well as the first). Home of the Big Three (Chrysler, Ford , and General Motors), Motown, the world’s smallest and first freeway, has enclave/hamlet townships in the heart of it. Despite some major improvements this past decade, the city still has a long ways to go for a successful recovery. I have lived in the suburbs before, and plan to move there again. At least until Detroit gets itself together. But at this point, that’s in the wind right now. If some of us would organize community meetings more often like we used to do, perhaps that would occur. It has in some parts and it has improved. And with Meijer and Whole Foods coming into the mix, I’m somewhat at a crossroads as to whether I want to relocate to the burbs, or live elsewhere in the city. Believe it or not, I really wanna move outta state. Perhaps when I get my Boiler’s License and eventually get a 3rd Class Engineering license, as well as 3rd Class Refrigeration, I might be able to pull it off!

As stated earlier, I love my city, but it is so far gone that despite some improvements, I wouldn’t wanna raise a family in the neighborhood that I currently stay in, or send them to the schools here. This is not the same city that I grew up in. I remember when Detroit was in the Top Ten Cities to Live In. In either 1987, or even ’88, we was at number 7. Around ’91 we fell off the radar. What happened?

Who knows…?

As I look at the pictures I’ve taken as well as the pics other folks have taken of the 313, I can’t help but be amazed the potential that we still have, but no one wants to take full advantage of it for some odd reason. Here is a list of things that has occurred since 2000 that had made Detroit more recognizable now as it did back then:

Repaved Streets (most of which has held well, I might add)
A skating rink (which during Spring and Summer is being used as an outside movie screen as well as an outdoor stage for performing artists)
New business downtown
Mass Transit (rumored to come back after 50 plus years of inactivity)
Some major grocery stores coming back (Kroger was a no-go, A&P pulled the plug on Farmer Jack, but others wish to invest)
Former restaurants in Detroit are coming back (Joe Muer’s, Olga’s to name a few)
More independently owned coffee shops (me and my laptop have visited many of ’em in recent years)
H.O.V. lanes on one of our thoroughfares (tho in some states they are very tough on the laws regarding them)
Famous people from Detroit who left are coming back,
Downtown’s recovering quite fast.

Many things make me wanna stay as well as leave, but no matter what, my heart will always be with Detroit! It’s still home.