Trying to do it all, and put in all in perspective. Money’s tight, bills keep mounting up, trying to keep it together. Good thing is that my credit is being rebuilt, and once I have it where it needs to be, I have no desire to go through all that nonsense again. This has eaten up years of my life, literally! And dare I say it, despite being in potential relationships, I’m glad that I remain single for the time being knowing that my lifestyle with a woman involved would put a monumental strain on our relationship. And being a Christian, I cannot, in good conscience put that burden on a woman. I try to sell some things on eBay, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But for everytime that it does work, that extra money comes in handy. I really want to do more shooting before I start my class next month, but going back and forth from house to house taking care of my dad and checking up on mom, it’s burning me out to a large extent. Thankfully my dad’s health is improving along the way, and I’m working out more seeing that I’m almost 40 years old and I have a family history of stroke, diabetes, and even alcoholism. Thankfully my slate remains clean on those three. But I will admit, I can drink like a fish, jack! I’ve slowed down as I’ve gotten older (and matured as well) as far as the spirits go.

Thankfully with Tax Season being here I can cover the cost of my class. And I can perhaps buy some accessories for my new camera (both of which I have yet to purchase). But at 36, soon to be 37, my common sense is telling me to be more practical with my money, especially if I’m considering moving back out again as well as pursuing a career change!

I’ve had an epiphany recently. And it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this, but it is the first time that I actually listened to it. For years I thought it was the job that was killing me, come to find out it was my perspective on things, my attitude, my philosophies, my lifestyle that was doing me in. While time doesn’t permit me to go into detail, it does permit me to think differently and make adjustments (some of which are being done right now), and already I can see some changes, but it’s up to me to keep ’em up!

Yeah, this year’s gonna be very tight for me, but as long as it’s doable, I’m good!