Well, how can I explain this one? I was invited to a boutique in downtown Royal Oak by a facebook friend. I’m glad I did seeing that I haven’t did any shooting within the past few weeks-a month at the very latest.
I was at the The Accessories Shop and I took some shots of some designer kicks, as well as jewelry. And believe me, the jewels actually stole the show. One of the owners of the gallery was so impressed with my work, they considered hiring me as their photographer which will be kinda tight because I’ll be going to school next month. I was even invited to another gathering by a local author by the name of Angela Reid, who, is a resident of my former hometown. We hit it off immediately and wanted to employ my services for the near future. Because I work at night, and have school coming up, weekends are my only time off. Whatever the case may be, things are gonna real tight. But as long as they’re doable, I’m good.

My humble thanks to Tonja TheShoelady Ayers for the invitation to her gallery this past Sunday, I had a blast, literally!

For more pics, you can see them here. Enjoy!