Johnnie Walker Black Label. Words cannot describe the mood I’m in right now. I’ve been meaning to buy this brand of Scotch Whiskey for years knowing how expensive this would be. Thanks to a few older cats I’ve known for years who’ve recommended this spirit to me. Comedian Ron White (of whom I’m a huge fan of) kinda added fuel to the fire, as it were.

With School just weeks away, and learning a few things about Boilers, this is, to me, a celebration for wanting to advance in something different now that I’m halfway past the hill of my working career. In just a little over a decade’s time, I can hang it all up, and go into business (like most retirees are doing now).

It’s amazing tho. As far as the spirits (drinks, that is) are concerned, that for years vodka was my spirit of choice, then came Brandies-esp. the V.S.O.P. kinds, now Scotch. I tell ya, this stuff is so relaxing, I only needed one glass of this stuff. I guess it’s true that when you pay good money for good liquor, it will last! Case in point: When I recently bought a pint of The Glenlivet, it lasted almost an entire week. Normally when I buy either a pint, half-pint, or even a fifth of spirits, they’re gone within a 24-hour period.

But when you pay (almost literally) through the nose, or outta your (butt) for the really good stuff, you want it to last at least a week! But I’ll say this: If the Black Label brand of Johnnie Walker tastes this good, I can’t wait to try out the Green label, or the Blue! But I gotta save for it, tho. I was fortunate this time.

Scotch whiskey is definitely my coup de gras of a strenuous working day!