(image is NOT mine, just to let the observer(s) know)

Does this before and after pic look familiar to anyone? It does to me, that’s for sure. I read an article on Craigslist about “What Happened To All The Nice Guys?”, and to put it in two words-esp. to the young lady in the comic strip, “You did”.

This pic is definitely self-explanatory to say the least. I can recall on many occasions how many times my heart was broken by some woman whom I really wanted to be with, who I thought wanted a man to treat her right, like a man-esp. a Christian man is supposed to do. I mean, that’s how my parents and grandparents brought me up anyway. All the ice cream within the boundaries of a God-fearing household, why do these women overlook someone who will do ’em good for someone who just wants to “hit it and quit” so he could brag about it to his homies the next day? More than likely that S.O.B. didn’t even wear a “hat”, so that being said, “You’ve slept with one person, you’ve slept with EVERYBODY THEY’VE BEEN WITH!”

But I have always believed in the Karmic effects of these outlandish behavioral patterns. “What goes around, comes back around.” As depicted in the comic strip above. Or as the Scripture candidly puts it: “You reap what you sow!“. I have observed in recent months that (whether we are young or old) we have to make a decision-esp. a snap decision as to what consists of instant gratification, as well as delayed gratification. One comes immediately, but the enjoyment of the one doesn’t last long, whereas the latter lasts much longer-how much depends on that indidvidual-but the common thread is that once you get it, you take great pleasure in it, just that one lasts longer than the other.

Sadly, we live in a society that thrives on instant gratification and for a time, it’s been targeting the youth, but now it’s targeting the elderly! I remember when BOTH were virtually unheard-of. Things have sped up rapidly with the wave(s) of modern technology over the years.

Seeing that I went slightly off-topic, I’ll have to delve into that some other time. But I think about the picture above where I see the young man who takes an exceptional interest in this young lady who for a time, had a very promising future. While time won’t permit me to embellish on what she could have had, I have just enought time to delve into what the young man with the books in his hands was on the verge of doing at that time. He had the good sense to realize-even tho he was heartbroken by the girl’s decision to be with the tatted up thug from the hood (which resulted in bad news for the young lady down the road), he moved on, came up with a plan, and made himself a self-made man! Good job, good money, fine car, ALL THAT! And years later, that same woman who thumbed her nose up at him got the exact same thing in return! And she wondered why she couldn’t find a good man. And she didn’t have sense to know that the same guy she dissed in high school was basically, her “bird in the hand”, but due to her naivete and oversight, she went for two birds in the bush, and we can see the outcome in the picture above. Out of shape, one baby in her hand, and another one on the way.

I’m sorry to say it, but no God-fearing, self-respecting, goal-setting man (race unimportant) would be caught dead with someone like her carrying all that baggage-poor thing probably don’t know who the babies father(s) are. And the young man, though he had to fight his impulses and make sacrifices, he saw the payoff of all his hard work because he thought “long-term” meaning enduring delayed gratification over “short-term” meaning instant graftication. He stayed the course and came out on top, that doens’t mean that the girl-now a woman-can’t bounce back either. Not to compete, per se, but if she really wanted to, she too, can pick up the pieces and get her life back on track. I have actually witnessed some women bounce back after they let their guard down (more than once), but baby, when they came back, they came back swingin’! Even tho they have baggage that they can’t get rid of, one thing that she knows she can control is how her life will turn out in the future. But like the young man in the picture made up in his mind what he wnated out of life, the young lady has to do likewise.

I know some women in this predicament. Had a strong interest in some of them. Been rejected by them, and they wound up like the girl in the picture. Although it hurt me hard at first, I was actually glad that I didn’t get involved with them. Maybe the Holy Spirit was watching my back after all, IDK… Jus’ sayin’.

Mama tells me to this very day, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. I’d take that one ONE step further: “A bird in the hand BEATS two in the bush”.

Same principle applies to this comic strip. I guess the artist created this strip to expose the realities of young women who fall for the glamour and glitz of instant (and sensual) gratification over the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, and hunger of delayed gratification. And the young men who know what time it is, pounded the pavement and kept it rollin’ non-stop until his blueprint came to fruition!

Not to say that it can’t be the other way around, because it is. But again, time won’t allow me to delve into that right now.

But I conclude with this thought: the young man with the books, his game was kinda weak at first, but he came out the victor because he stayed the course. The young lady-who appeared to be very intelligent, her game was already on the up-and-up, but somewhere along the way she got distracted by what she could have right then and there which leads to the tatted up dope boy who entertained ulterior motives to throw her off her game so he could score points for his own trophy case and not even have a care in the world about her welfare to the point where once he disappeared, he was gone for good which takes us back to the girl-now a young woman-who is now left wondering “why she can’t find a good man” which leaves men (like myself) wondering “why do good girls like bad boys”. Food for thought, literally!

Game recognize game! And tho life in itself is not a game like sport(s), it is a game of survival. And there are many ways to play. All you/me/we gotta do is choose!

What choice will YOU make? Depends on how you view your life in the present as well as the future!