The day is near
when the earth is rocked
and many quake in fear
but for those who
believe in
Bible prophecy
to their faith
they hold o so dear
countless people
have lived and died
the governments
have cheated and lied
hope is lost
but at what cost
those who trust
mortal man
have had their faith crushed
salvation belongs
who resides on this earth
it is in vain
that they still trust in
this wicked system of things
which has lost its worth
for little or no reason
wars have been fought
throughout slavery
people against their will
have been bought
throughout history
man had traded
truth for lie
and made it HIS story
no wonder the world lies
in this state of confusion
with the news
that’s so bad today
it’s enough to
leave you with a contusion
the time left is reduced
who’s side will you take
time is getting shorter everyday
it’s your choice that you
gotta make
obsolete soon to be
are the days of democracy
and soon to take over
is the rule of theocracy
conjunction junction
what’s your dysfunction
Babylon’s about hit the ditch
by way of a swift pitch
prophecies of old
have today become
a revelation
of what our Lord and Saviour
has in store
for God’s creation
again the time is reduced
and this is not the time
to be seduced
by the commercialism
and materialism
and political propaganda
of the serpent’s lies
in disguise
that blind the eyes
of the unsuspected
not knowing that
this system’s end
will come
when least expected
time’s runnin’ out
which side will
you chose
time’s runnin’ out
and there’s not
one moment to lose!