Just diggin’ through the archives of last Summer. Working on pics that I’ve taken that have yet to see the light of day anywhere else on the world wide web. I think that this is the first time I’ve blogged twice today, but that’s alright, cause I’ll be blogging tomorrow hopefully.

But this shot of Detroit annexing Canada via the Ambassador Bridge, tho not my best, remains a favorite of mine. I’m thinking about using it for future business card design. While I continue to count own the days, the hours, and the seconds of my engineering class to start next week, I want to get as much done with my photos-past and present-as soon as possible. Seeing that my time is gonna be limited, I’ll most likely stick to my fan page on Facebook as well as my blog, and Google Plus, of course.

But back to this image here of the two cities, a state and province, as well as two nations merging together. I was working on my long exposures that night and most of my pics weren’t too bad, but I wanted to produce that crisp, sheet of glass appearance. It took some time for me to figure it out, seeing that I’m still new to this business, but after shooting a casting call for a fashion show this past weekend, if finally dawned on me that my lens-like my camera-was also an entry level. So that having been said, it’s about time for me to invest in some glass with various F-Stops so I can see for myself how good my camera really can be. I knew that there were some “unlocked secrets” in the business of photography, and for every time I keep on shootin’, I keep learning new things.

And with school just being days away, I’m thinking so far ahead, that by the time I get my Boiler’s License, I’ll be making more than enough to buy some glass-esp. since I’m gonna switch brands anyway. Still thirsting for that new Canon 7D.

Checked online just now, and already the price is going down…

I’m sorry to say it, seeing the success that I had with my Canon PowerShot A590 IS, I wish i would’ve stayed with my original decision to get a Canon DSLR right then!

You live and learn, I guess!