The Elysium Lounge.  Formerly a bank and currently a historical marker by the State of Michigan.  I have taken pictures of facade of this club years ago, but the inside of this place practices what it preaches:  you’re invited, your inhibitions aren’t.  A brief backstory about my post tonight:  I was invited by some friends of mine to take some pics of some of the models from Walk Fashion which in turn, resulted in new contacts.  I was in awe by the atmosphere of the club, and even tho most of my pics are of the models, I’ll just post pics of the club from various angles.  Just to let you know, due to the lack of light that evening, I was catchin’ it, as it were.  But I still say that I didn’t do too bad that night.

You be the judge!

The barmaid wanted her picture taken and despite the lack of light, I was happy to oblige…