Just taking a small breather between classes and squeezing in some time to keep my blog as consistent as possible.  I am definitely gonna get rid of my Tumblr account even tho I’m gonna miss it alot.  Anyhoo, this shot was taken at the foot of Belle Isle where the Douglas MacArthur Bridge (parallel to Grand Blvd). I was shooting at different angles that would make Detroit look more tasteful. After what we’ve went through in recent years, we could an image builder.

That having been said, as stated earlier, my time is gonna be very tight, and my shooting is gonna be very scarce.  Since the year began, I’ve shot the Auto Show, the AutoRama, the Boat Show, a casting call as well as a Meet and Greet for Walk Fashion. Most of these pics I haven’t even started editing them yet, and with Picnik shutting down next month, I have to look to other photo editing tools to help myself out.  I hear that Lightroom’s is dirt cheap, and GIMP is a free version of Photoshop. So either way, I’m not totally left in the lurch, as it were.  

Just gotta find time to toy with ’em after the 19th of next month when Picnik shuts its doors for good as an independent company, that’s all.

School’s fine so far, I keep telling myself that I am learning a new trade.  One that I can move up the ladder on, if I really wanted to, make way more money than I am making now, and eventually move out the ‘hood.

This time, I plan to be gone for good!