One mistake is all it takes

For a woman to trip when her man slips

He makes a bad judgment call

And his world begins to fall

She has a b___h fit and loses her cool

How can the man she loved so dearly become such a fool

Tho not intentional on the man’s part

Unknowlingly to him he inadvertingly breaks his woman’s heart

He tries to convince her that there was no harm intended

But she would have none of it

Despite constant pleadings for forgiveness

She lashes out  “YOU’RE FULL OF S___!”

Her feelings of content

Has turned into contempt

All the love that she invested into him

Has came and went

The man, on the other hand still maintains his innocence

While the woman remains grudgingly pissed off (and rightly so)

Over his lack of [using] common sense

He remains in deep remorse

Over the fact that his wrong course

Has cost his something priceless

A love that is rare and hard to find yet truly righteous

He tries again and again

To regain a lover and a friend

But to no avail

Decades from now to the younger men

This will be the story to tell

His woman he misses so badly

Tho from him she’s moved on, sadly

And he curses the day that he was born

As he recalls that old 17th Century Adage:

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Robert Julius

2011 June 15