Enjoying the good day that we had yesterday knowing that today marks the very first day of Spring, I hooked up with Mary again after a good hour or so of brushing up on my math (I’m very rusty, I might add), and we hooked up downtown as well always do. And every time we keep coming across something different. Our first stop was at 1515 Broadway and I wanted to introduce Mary to another friend/mentor of mine, Stephen “Fuzzytek” Boyle, whom I’ve known online for years until about two years ago when we met for the first time. This cat is beyond talented. Over 30 years experience in the photography/graphic arts field. He was advertising OCCUPY Detroit. I was invited, but due to my hectic schedule with work and school, I made literally the end of it, and Fuzzy, Mary, and myself spent a few minutes shootin’ the breeze. I’m still not entirely up on the “Occupy” thing that has spread through (most) major American cities. Hopefully, when time permits, I can look further into it.

Hopefully Fuzzy and Mary and I can hook up one day either at a fashion show, or just shootin’ about in the city!