If I had the wisdom and riches
of wise King Solomon
would you accept me as your mate?
If I had the courage of David and Josiah
your welfare I’d not
compromise nor complicate
If I had the meekness of Moses
The Promised Land alone
would seal your fate
If I had the alertness of eagles
you’d be out of harm’s way
If I had the innocence of doves
you’d live to fight another day

These things I do have
Yet there are others that I have yet to acquire
The reason why I wish to
“Stir up like a fire” is that
one thing that’s my heart’s desire
There is one other thing
that burns deep within me
The fact that you’re in love with me
Was something truly meant to be

Wishing and wanting
someone like you to have and to hold
is worth far more than
silver or gold

It is far too early to tell
whether or not you and I are compatible
Tho my feelings for you
are strong in every way imaginable
but should I be blessed to have you
as a wife [God willing]
I will “put up a hard fight for the faith”
that I have even if it should take
the rest of my life

Should I have the wisdom of Solomon
I’d “rejoice with the wife of my youth”
Should I have the intelligence of Paul
I would continue to feed my brain
as I continually come to an
“Accurate knowledge of truth”
Should I have the courage of Peter
I’d “take the sword”
not the sword of man
but The Bible as God’s word

Should I have you as my bride
I would be your romantic warrior
and beneath the wings of Jah
we will both abide

© 2010-2012 Robert Julius. All rights reserved.