Things that I really wanna do. It seems that I’ve really been lacking motivation for the past few years. I work at a job that I’ve grown very weary of, my studying has waned recently, and the money I make is just enough to pay rent, the phone bill, fill the car up, etc. It seems that every time I try to save up, stuff just keeps coming up. I bought a diary recently and after a good month of leaving it blank, I decided mustered up the fortitude to use it. I was talking with somebody about something, and the subject of a diary had come up. To make a long story short, I had forgotten how actual writing (with pen and paper to the younger folk out there) was actually a liberating of dumping the day’s activity out of one’s brain.

This list oughta be self-explanatory, tho some folks might disagree with the things on it. But at this point, I could care less. It’s just some stuff that I would like to do before I get old (and eventually die-if Armageddon doesn’t come first). A lot of people have been telling me lately that I need to start living my life. I never traveled abroad, and even though my heart is torn between Detroit and Clinton Twp., I really wanna leave Michigan. A very special someone (tho we’re lost contact again recently) had encouraged me to do more with my life, esp. on a spiritual note.

From all perspectives, I think it’s time that I started listening to these people!