The Blacklight Studio. It was an inception of mine around 2000, or 2001. How the name originated was I was driving a black 1995 Pontiac Grand Am, and one of my closest friends had a blue 1998 Dodge Stratus. We were in our (early) 20s at the time, and his email was “Bluelight98”, so that kinda grew on me and months later, I came up with “Blacklight95”. I was majoring in Graphic Arts at the time-not even thinking about photography even tho the last camera I bought at the time was in 1999. So that having been said, that’s how the name originated.

Later on I was hoping that after enough exposure both in the virtual world and the mainstream media, eventually I’d build a (jazz) nightclub under this name. Just a thought that I entertained (at the moment anyway).

Time went on, the internet had kicked into high gear. And Myspace hit the scene, photography gradually regained my attention. And before then, I had sketchbooks filled with years of my drawings and whatnot (I only have a few of them now) and I wanted to post them online. I had created some new IDs for Yahoo, and started my own group called “The Blacklight Studio”. To make a long story short, I created a Mysapce page, Blogspot page, and Flickr page with that moniker. The Flickr account remains active to this day.

Time went on, and I grew tired of that name because it sounded old, obsolete, totally 70s. I even added a complementary name called “313ARTS”. That fell through also. So around 2008-2009, I wanted a change. Which could not have came at a better time. I later googled “Blacklight Studios”, and a whole bunch of other domains came up, and my initial reaction was that I didn’t wanna risk any litigation of any sort. So I changed the name…

In early 2009, Blacklight Studios had become JVLIVS Photography and Design. Tho my designing had become scarce and slightly rusty after years of absence in the latter field, I eventually dropped the design part and stayed with the photography until I could master them both simultaneously (which I am learning to do to this day). It was a good thing I did. In the years since then, I was approached by a rock band in Harlem named Apollo Heights who wanted to use a picture of mine to promote an album of theirs. Some time had passed, and to make a long story short, the deal fell through. But in spite of my dejection, or rejection, I was happy. Some professional entertainers wanted to use my artwork-a virtual unknown at the time-as album art. I’m still stoked over that and it’s been years now.

Later on, I was published in a book, made the edition of a local newspaper, and eventually got invited to a lot of workshops and events, and gradually getting in the swing of things.

I have been into photography consistently now for five years. It would’ve been 20, maybe more, had I kept it up from high school. And all I did was change the name of my galler(ies) online, and alluva sudden people are approaching me left and right. I’ve even had the privilege of taking pictures of celebrities, historical markers, going on safaris with other photographers, I’ve done weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, live concerts, and now I’m on major powerhouse domains i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr (which I’m gonna get rid of, TOO many perverts there). So many things have happened this past decade since I’ve created my… well, gallery. But the past five years-esp. the last three out those five-everything from then speaks for itself!

So now, against the better judgment of one person, I am gonna shut down the Blacklight Studio on Flickr, and usher in a brand new Flickr site, and a better one where only my best will be posted there. Period.

And yes, my namesake is on it. So now all of my domains match.

For your viewing pleasure, I will enclose my last graphic design logo for my page on Facebook. I changed it yesterday that’s why I posted it here. I may make another one down the road, IDK yet.