Detroit, Michigan, USA. My birthplace, my hometown. I love it, I hate it. I support it, I have contempt for it. Emotions for me are virtually high and low for me 24/7. So many stories to tell in so short of time. A dying metropolis gradually making its comeback despite constant negative media (fill in your own word here). En route to class yesterday, I shot this pic while behind the wheel just in awe at this giant of a city and the potential that it once had and the potential that it has now. I really do love my city, but it’s in the worst shape yet despite the events this past decade that signaled its comeback. I briefly lived in Clinton Township for about 10 months, and with the city and its resurrection imminent, I still favor Clinton over Detroit. If I had the means to do it, I’d have my primary residence in Clinton Twp (or any other suburb), and a part-time residence in Detroit-preferably downtown.

As I look at this shot of Brush St, I see this gentle giant that was once dubbed “The Paris of The Midwest” while at one point in time the #3 of the Top Ten in the US (before my time, apparently) coming back in ways that might even shake up NYC or LA. A long shot, but it could happen. After all, Detroit was the first Capital of Michigan.

Now that, I’d love to see happen. Though I doubt that very seriously despite sharing an international border with Windsor, ON, CA. I don’t see why Michigan would move the State Capital from international waters in the first place. The same Detroit over a century later where JFK nominated Detroit to host the 1968 Olympics. But what transpired a year prior to that dashed all hopes of that ever occurring (the 1967 riots, which we have still yet to fully recover from).

I would love to see Detroit in its prime again. I caught the last of it in the early part of the 80s. It’s coming back again, but it’s got a lot healing to do as well as cleaning up.

No matter where I reside in this system of things, Detroit will always be home no matter what!