Wow. These past few months have been a major blast! Made some new friends on Facebook as well got some new fans on my other Facebook page. I’ve been doing so much shooting as of late, I haven’t had much opportunity to edit/post any of my very nice shots. Now I’ve been using Photoshop CS3, and a trial version of Lightroom 4, and I’m starting to understand some of it thanks to some tutorials on YouTube. So here are some samples of my work with CS3 and L4. Not my best, but it’s better than the other programs I’ve used in recent years.

My friends Paige and Chelsea Pickett. Hopefully they’ll like this image when they see it on Facebook. Did some editing with Lightroom 4 (gotta purchase it cause my trial version is about to expire soon) as well as CS3 (I believe the current PS program is at CS5 now).

Ferrari F40. I remember this from my high school years. Next to the Testarossa, this car rocked! I shot this at an art gallery downtown.

Now, the BEST for last. From Detroit, Michigan, a graduate of Cody High School, Detroit’s own Dwele! I met him the same night I shot the Ferrari. I currently follow him on Twitter and hopefully he’ll see this soon. It was a real treat to meet him for the first time. I even told some friends of mine (esp. on FB) that I met this talented brother from the westside of the “D”. To this day, they still can’t believe it.

More pix comin’ soon!