Man, I was in for a very busy day of activities this particular Saturday last month. I did some landscaping in western Wayne County, attended a funeral serivce, and shot TWO-yeah, count ’em-TWO fashion shows. I was literally spent when the night was over. One of my Facebook friends, Renee (who was also at the funeral service that day) had invited me to do some shooting at a show that she and some models were hosting in Southfield, MI. I forget the entire title of the event due to being contacted at the last minute about it and I had another fashion show to shoot as well. It was-and I remember this much-a show for mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence. To make a long story short, one of the hostesses had given a brief backstory on her past experiences, and they were emotional to say the least, but by the grace of God, she came out on top. I haven’t shot a fashion show in months, so I had to shake the cobwebs off my camera, and I’m still cussin’ and fussin’ about having to shoot RAW and in manual. Both are very tedious! Time had run short, and I even though some of my pics didn’t turn out too well, and other didn’t turn out to bad, it was worth it to me that I got a shot of Renee and her sister-in-law, Roslyn (who I’ve known since she was under the age of ten, and she has grown since then). Thankfully in spite of things within seconds of either coming together of apart at the same time, I got bitten by the camera bug again. Without further adieu, here’s a pic of Roz.