Well, after a good two years of having my domain, and close to a year of actually doing something with it, not knowing virtually Jack Squat about web design, I somewhat mistakenly wiped clean my website and have somehow stumbled across some new templates that have actually gotten my attention.  I just wish that JustHost would’ve given me some advanced warning or something that the templates of old were gonna be obsolete to the point of changing the entire roster of templates and other distinguishing features.  I mean, it took months to learn how to build the other site (that I wiped out), and I was just winging it.

So here we go again…!

But on the flip side of the coin, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of live performances, fashion shows, and have been very active with Instragram all within the past week or so.  Not to mention some vlogs that I’ve done that I have yet to put on my Youtube channel, and trying to keep this blog as current as possible.  And trying to psych myself up to go back to school next month.  I have a lot of activities planned, so sittin’ on my (butt) is about to be a thing of the past!