It’s been almost thirty years since I have last seen an Olga’s Kitchen in downtown Detroit. The last time was at the Renaissance Center in the mid 80s when it was just shy of its tenth anniversary. My mother and her friends have been patrons of the restaurant since its inception decades ago. Known for their Greek cuisines and salads, good meals at very decent prices. Its founder, Olga Loizon is still alive and well tho she’s no longer over the franchise (which I think SUCKS, I mean it was her creation). And apart from all the other Olga’s Kitchens, this one served beer and wine. I had the Asian Chicken with cream of broccoli soup with a glass of white wine. Had a good time. I met a Facebook (also a childhood friend) there, shot the breeze, and chilled out for the rest of the day.

A vacation well spent.