As I stated in a recent post, I always stood out as to what kinda music I listen to. I still do today. Tho I no longer hit the clubs like I used to (with the exception of taking pictures), one thing that attracts me to the club scene more than anything else beside the booze and babes, is the music! The kind that’s played on Public Radio and hard to find both in the stores as well online. And Amazon usually has a wide selection-even stuff that’s been out of print for years, and indy record labels have dug up the old tapes and reissued the out of print stuff to the masses and Amazon’s got a hold of these as well. But this is the kinda music that makes me wanna hit the clubs again, have a few drinks in me, shoot some pool, schmooze with the babes there, as well just be tranced into the music playing. Nowadays, if I were to go to a club today, it would be just for the music. Nowadays, because I know some folks-esp. with the industry that I’m getting into as well (photography), I have little or no problems accessing places like these.

But all nonsense aside, here are but a couple of tunes (one of them I have to look for seeing that I can’t download it just yet), that get my juices flowing wherever I may be. I.E. work, gym, home, going for a walk, or a weekend cruise, club, the coffee shop (that’s my drug of choice nowadays), whatever’s on the brain at that particular time. This is the kinda music for me that makes one think, meditate, create, design, contemplate life, you get the idea, I assume.

In other words, the kind that lights a fire under ya!