NOTE: Image is NOT mine.

Well, how do I even begin this one? Let’s just say that I’m gonna keep on doing blogs like this for as long as I can. It just boggles my mind that my fellow Afro-Americans are still trippin’ at the sight of a “brotha” with another woman outside of his race. I mean, c’mon people. We are in the second decade of the 21st Century for cryin’ out loud. I’ve been in favor of interracial couples for the better part of twenty years. And me coming from a multi-ethnic family (tho most of us are black), gave me even further reason to embrace the demand of (racial) diversity. Now take this before and after diptych of a young black man just being cordial to his black sistas and these snooty “Ms. Thangs” ain’t even giving the poor man the time of day-and the skanks aren’t even that attractive thinking that he isn’t even on their level (thankfully he wasn’t at the time). But the hypocrisy of the matter was that these women were scantily clad, out of shape, had little or no dignity and self-esteem themselves. They dissed and dogged this kid when he had no woman, now he has a woman, a white one at that, and they dog him even worse. Again, hypocrisy to the max! I just don’t get that.

Here’s my take on this: This young brotha was just trying to make some friendly conversation with those of his kind, but they think that he thinks he’s above them. To some extent, they’re right but at the same time he didn’t forget where he came from. And I’ll level with anyone who reads this; If I had a choice between one of the big booty sistas with the funky attitude and a healthy Caucasian woman who treats me like a human being, I’ll take the white woman ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

I’d rather be with someone who treats me like a person than be with someone who treats me like (S)ugar (H)oney (I)ced (T)ea anyway, I could give two craps less what color they are. There’s no reason for anyone to be with those in the latter category.

BTW, me being Afro-American, I love big wide hips on any woman. Her race is of little or no importance to me. And I happen to like white women just as much as I do black ones (and I was in a relationship with both-NOT at the same time).

Who knows? This brotha coulda got with one of them sistas in the pic and Lord only knows what kinda baggage they would’ve brought into the relationship. He appears to have a clean slate in both scenarios. But he would’ve wound up miserable judging by the content of their character, but the young white woman on the other hand, was on his level and appears to brought something to the table that left a sweet taste in his mouth.

I ain’t mad at him either! To top it off, he was happy in the end. And just to take race out of the picture. Common sense alone would say that any God-fearing, goal-setting, self-respecting man as well as woman would not date anyone who was not on their level. There has to be some common ground somewhere. Anybody with any sense would date someone who makes them happy.

And vice versa!