I have a lot to credit to give a friend of mine for in recent years. Her introducing me to Indian culture was definitely one of them. In recent months I have attended a Bollywood concert as well as an Indian ballet. And while I only know a word or two (literally) of Hindi, my interests continue to spark on this subject. I’ve made some new friends from India, and it makes me wanna explore their culture on the social networks.

A brief backstory about the lady in the picture. Her name is Sailaja Pullela (please don’t ask me to pronounce her name, cause I’ll (unintentionally) butcher it trying to get it right), and she is a Guru Smt. (short for Shrimati). She was not only the star dancer, but the director as well of the Tripadi Ganga Kuchipudi Dance Ballet in Novi, MI several miles northwest of Detroit. Sailaja has over 500 performances to her credit both as a solo performer as well as ballet. This was, believe it or not, my very first ballet that I’ve ever seen (never was a fan of it until that day). My thanks to a new friend from India named Satyam (it took me a week to get that right), I’ve decided to step further out of my comfort zone. I eventually got to meet Guru Pullela at the end of the ceremonies following the ballet. She’s very nice and professional.