I’ve been having some recent problems with my shooting in recent months. Thanks to an article I read on how to fix grainy pics, despite the the even messier process, it pays off down the road. Although this image here is not a grainy one, per se, the article linked above mentions three major factor to fixing any image in any condition. Case in point.

The pic above. Unedited. Untouched. With the exception of the watermark(s).
Same pic. With Levels applied courtesy of Ribbet. Notice that I made the exposure slightly lighter than the original.

Same pic again. With the “Curves” feature added bearing some slight resemblance to the original. Here’s where it gets challenging. To me, at least.

Notice that I’ve juggled back and forth with exposure as well as contrast-contrast for the most part and then doubling back to curves and levels.

Played with the exposure one last time to add a feature that I haven’t used since Picnik was in use.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) A common feature that allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods (from WikiPedia). Personally, against the better judgment of friends who are also photographers, I’d use it alot. I very seldom use it now.

And now, my finished project after bouncing back and forth with levels, curves, contrast, exposure, and HDR to add some extra flavour to the mix. Hope you like it.