I was invited from a friend of mine (through someone else who also shares our beliefs) to attend a gathering-or get-together-with a group of friend to go bowling in Madison Heights (about two miles north of Detroit), and it was the best three hours I’ve spent there. My game sucked as usual, but at the same time it got me out of my funk for just one night at least. Met some people, had a drink or two, bowled better than I did the last time which was within the past decade. Prior to that I haven’t bowled since the 80s (and I was kicking butt at it then). I was sportin’ new kicks, new threads, clean shaven (mustache off as well), new timepiece. I had something to show for all the hard work I’ve been doing in recent months. the following pics. should speak for themselves.

Hopefully at least!

I actually had a strike or two. I guess working out has really helped me out in recent months…

Long Beach. Basically a Long Island Iced Tea with cranberry juice. Kicks like a frickin’ mule, too.

I’m gonna invest in bowling ball in the not so distant future if the Good Lord wills it and the creek don’t rise!