I guess it’s true about never knowing who you’ll run into these days. Just the other night I gave a brief backstory on the three years that I’ve been on Facebook as well the five years that I’ve been shooting pics. To make a long story short, I’ve met people from all walks of life in recent years, I’ve been published, paid, etc. I meet this very professional, intelligent lady from WDIV Channel 4, and we hit it off immediately! I found out that she was the marketing consultant for the station, and we talked briefly, and to make this long story even shorter, she allowed me to take her picture and gave me the OK to post it on my other social networks. Time will not permit for me to delve further on the 10-15 minutes that communicated, but she was at my job to present an award to Sodexo. And let’s just say that I was at the right place, at the right time. Despite my smartphone malfuncioning, I got a very nice picture of her. I told her that I was a photographer as well, and my HTC EVO was the best that I could do at that moment.

What drew me to her was that she wore a lapel pin from the news station that she worked for. And I will confess these two things: 1) I was smitten by her beautiful appearance (it’s a weakness), and 2) I’m hesitant to even bring this up, but since I did, here goes. Because she was so impeccable, professional, and mature (that stood out to me the most), I ASSumed (you read that right) that she was old enough to be my mama. Come to find out that she’s three years older than me (I wish I could put my foot somewhere else other than my mouth)! But like I said, it was how she handled herself that made me-again, I’ll say ASS-ume that she was older than she was.

Thankfully it was all in good fun. Hopefully we’ll re-connect on Linkedin.