Jersey-born, Ohio resident poet extraordinaire, Jay Martinez paid us a visit at the Big Top Popcorn Gourmet in Eastpointe, MI. Thanks to my fellow FB poet and friend, Rosemarie Wilson who hosted the event as well as invited me. Some of Jay’s poetry was definitely food for the mind on a variety of subjects. You had to be there to witness it firsthand. Tho it was Jay’s show, Rose had encouraged all who were poetically inclined to have their few minutes of fame on the mic. Thankfully, although extemporaneously, I was able to contribute as well. After hearing and seeing what I heard and saw that night, I might just definitely get back into poetry full blast. Though I have never read/recited poetry in front of a live audience before let alone attend a poetry reading. Thanks to Jay and Rose, I had a blast. And just for a special treat, here’s a piece from Senor Martinez entitled “Rebel With A Cause” recorded from my smartphone. I apologize if the sound might be a bit muffled. Enjoy!