I first met Ponya at a restuarant downtown about three years ago. Originally we became contacts on Flickr, and eventually Facebook and Instagram. This lady is a definite triple-threat: photographer, singer, and wannabe writer. And very outspoken and at the same time, down to earth. We’ve been meaning to work together since day one, but due to various circumstances it just wasn’t in the cards at the time. I will say that that we finally got to do some shooting at DLECTRICITY in Midtown. Originally myself, Ponya, and Mary were slated to do both days of the Light Fest, but due to a miscommunication on my part, plus it rained cats and dogs the first night, it Mary and I made the first night. Which worked out well, cause Ponya said she had to work late that night anyway. Thankfully all three of us had made the second night. I have dozens of pics (if that many) that have yet to see the light of day online, so hopefully I’ll have them up before the year’s over. I was good to see Ponya again. Hopefully the three of us will work together again.

And it was only fair to get a picture of both ladies. So here goes! My thanks to them both.