Another adventure that me and Mary was on in recent months. We was in Ecorse (suburb of Detroit) and we practiced our long exposure techniques at The Dock at the foot of West Jefferson and Southfield in the Dowriver area. I haven’t practiced them in a good long time, but thankfully I quickly recalled some of the techniques that I’ve learned over the years. Mary had taken some shots as well, she even took a picture of me (which I didn’t mind), but when I saw it, I knew that it was time for me to hit the gym again (been doing that nonstop since then, thankfully). So after toying around with our DSLRs and cell phones and instagram, we had a ball as always. The passersby people there gave Mary and I a backstory on what goes on at the Dock year-round. It was pleasant, to say the least. Even the geese were friendly.

My most favourite part of this adventure was a long exposure shot of traffic at the intersection of Jefferson and Southfield. The only drawback to these kinda shots is that you have to catch traffic at its heaviest, and you had to be real quick with your camera. Here’s but one shot that came real close to, if not fulfilling that task.