I’ve been going to Planet Fitness consistently for quite some time now and I love it.  Even though it lacks some major amenities such as a swimming pool, a sauna, and indoor track, you cannot deny that for ten bucks a month, twenty, if you’re a black card member, you will literally get more BANG for your buck.  And due to my circumstances, with work, school, bible study, service, as well as photography, and last, but not least, working out, I had to upgrade to the black card membership.  Reason being is that because unlike most workout facilities, PF is individually owned and franchised, and to visit any other location, you have to cough up five bucks.  I, personally didn’t mind that, seeing that it was an investment in my health, but on the flip side, for every five bones I spent at various PF gyms, be it for a change of scene, not too far from work or school, whatever the occasion may be, that could’ve been a black card membership invested in two, or three times over.

Originally, I was a white card member in Warren, and recently upgraded to a black card member in Clinton Twp, MI (both suburbs of Detroit in Macomb County).  Like I said earlier, each PF is under an individual owner and franchise.  That being said, I’ll say this:  My home gym in Warren offered a black club membership but wanted somewhere between 30 and 40 bones to upgrade, whereas the PF in Clinton told me to transfer over to their location and I could upgrade for free.(which I eventually did).  So now I’m paying more a month, but it beats spending 5 bucks at other PF gyms as well as the 30 to 40 it would’ve cost to upgrade.  So I lost in one area, but gained more in other areas.  So whenever I’m in the area (be it work, home, school, etc.), me and my black card will be available.  Now I’m going further out, but at least it’s a straight shot from the house.  And where I’m located at, I have instant access to the freeway, so again that’s a major plus.

And even though my membership at Bally (now L.A. Fitness in some spots) has lapsed in recent months, I plan to renew that down the road.  But for now, PF is my gym!

And the best convenience of them all, 24 hours Monday thru Friday!  If that ain’t more bang for your buck, then IDK what is.