2012 banner
Well, how can I sum this year up short and sweet…?
My dad suffered two miniature strokes. He survived both of them.
My ex-girlfriend’s mother lost her battle with cancer.
I’ve been going to school non-stop since this year began.
Originally, I went to school for Boiler Operator, then went back to Henry Ford and switched majors from Graphic Arts to Business Administration after a decade of absence.
My family and I resolved to leave our neighborhood after decades of watching it go to hell (excuse my french).
I’ve started taking my health more seriously after what happened to my dad and my ex’s mom.
I still shoot (take pictures, that is) whenever I can.
I’ve become addicted to Instagram.
I’ve been working on praying more.
I’ve developed a desire to desist certain habits.
I’ve embraced Bollywood.
I’ve cut down on my pop and alcohol consumption (and got the weight loss to show for it).
I’ve resolved to leave the state when I receive my Associate’s Degree.
I’ve broken ties with some things/people (and vice versa, sadly).
I’ve embraced change.
I’ve embraced maturity (took me long enough).
I’ve starting listening to business seminars online.
I work out more often now-esp. now that I’m older.

And so many things that escape me right now. I embrace the new year with a new outlook on life without hesitation or reservation.

2013, BRING IT, BABY! Frickin’ bring it.

I. Am. HERE!