I can only say in so many words about these God-given abilities that I have.  Poetry, drawing, designing, photography, music, speaking, working out, etc..  Let’s just that in my younger days I had dreams of making a career out these things.  Little did I realize that 20 years later, these things would unravel before my eyes.  In recent times, I have reembraced wanting to learn music, drawing, poetry, and photography has superseded those things this past decade or less, and it wasn’t until mid-2007, just shy of turning 32 at the time, that I decided to go full-blast with photography.  I have yet to stop, and won’t, either.  I bring this matter up for the reason(s) that I’ve been in a major funk this past decade, and things are slowly clearing themselves up, but I have to do some things to clear up the (nonsense) that I allowed to clog things up in my personal, professional, and spiritual life.  And with my mother and grandma preparing to leave the neighborhood soon, that kinda gave me the green light to wanna expand as an artist and as a person.  Other reasons being that I’ve endured having high blood pressure, heart palpitations, sore joints, off-an-on weight loss (and gain), still keeping account of past injuries, constantly being jerked around at work, this creativity has become a form of stress-relief for me in recent months.  It’s even helping get over my ex-girlfriend, which has been a very slow process for me, even tho she’s coping  with the loss of her mom, who’s been deceased for (almost) a year now.

I’m still fighting my inner-demons, as it were, and I feel the need to express how I feel.  If I keep holding this in, it’s just gonna make things worse, and that’s a price that I afford to pay anymore, esp. after the health problems I’ve gone through.  And if it hurts anybody expressing how I feel about certain individuals or things, well, I’m sorry.  Deal with it,  I have!

Other than that, it feels good to embrace my creative side again after all these years.  And with the modern convenience of the internet, I’ve embraced a whole new medium, and I love it!  I would NOT have it any other way!